I’m a trained English/Spanish Legal and Medical interpreter with a background in business administration
and strong organizational skills. I have worked as a bilingual representative and as an interpreter
throughout my career in various fields. In my training I’ve learned to research terminology and most
importantly of all, I’m able to understand and recognize cultural and localization differences within the
Spanish speaking population. I utilize my skills when working with Limited English Persons to ensure all
parties involved understand each other and allow clear communication.


– Able to accurately work in simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation mode into Spanish and
and English )
– Familiar and able to work with a diversity of cultural/socio-economic backgrounds
– Understanding of a variety of regional Latin American accents, linguistic styles and registers
– Understanding of language as an expression of culture, able to recognize the
underlying assumptions of each party about the encounter. I use this understanding to empower
client and provider to better understand each other.
– Intervene as intercultural mediator when communication is compromised by culture-bound
– Avoids generalizations and she stereotyping
– Set tone of the client/patient/provider during the encounter to manage spatial configuration and flow of
communication to preserve accuracy and completeness. Able to assess and address potential
areas of discomfort for client such as age, gender of interpreter, no previous experience with
interpreters, regional dialect, etc.


– Fluent in English/Spanish at college level, both orally and written
– CCHI Healthcare Interpreter Certification
– ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Spanish Language Certificate Superior Level
– Language Line Medical Interpreting Certificate
– Passed Written California Court Interpreting Exam (Oral Pending)
– Contra Costa County Medical Interpreter 60-Hour training certificate of completion
– Laney College Legal and Community Interpreting Certificate of Completion


Laney College

01/2014 to 05/2015 Legal and Community Interpreting

Certificate of Completion

Berkeley City College

08/2012 to 05/2015 AA in Behaviariol and Social Sciences

Laney College

08/2013 to 05/2015 AA in Mexican Studies