The Interpreters Guild of America is an organization created by and for independent interpreters, and committed to advocating for our profession.

As a unit of The California Federation of Interpreters, Local 39000 and Communications Workers of America, which represent interpreters around the country, IGA responds to the particular challenges professional interpreters face.

We have seen our profession face mounting pressure to lower standards, to compromise working conditions and reduce our rates. We face that pressure everyday, but we don’t have to do it alone!

Too few in our society understand the importance of hiring quality professionals to interpret in our schools, hospitals, courtrooms, and communities, rather than relying on family members, friends or co-workers with varying levels of bilingualism and no training. Bureaucrats looking to save money are quick to jettison certifications and standards. And services for immigrants – including language services – continue to be granted low priority, especially when budgets are tight.

As independent interpreters, we have too long remained isolated and vulnerable as a labor force. Most of us work as private contractors with no benefits, no safety net, and little recourse against unfair labor practices or substandard pay rates.

Through IGA, independent interpreters can mobilize collectively to advance understanding on issues of language access, to demand equitable wages and working conditions, and to safeguard high professional standards.

As a unit of CFI, Local 39000, IGA is backed by the support and lobbying power of a national, 650,000-plus strong union.