IGA’s EOIR Interpreters Get A Positive Update from The NLRB

IGA just received some encouraging news from our legal team. Region 21 of the NLRB will submit our case for the reclassification EOIR interpreters as employees to the NLRB’s Division of Advice. This means that before the NLRB issues a determination, their Advice Division will consider the facts of our case and additional submissions from our attorneys. While an unusual course correction at this point, this step is in line with the NLRB’s actions in other recent high profile cases such those against Über and Lyft.

We believe this to be encouraging news. It essentially means that our fight for better working conditions in EOIR venues is far from over. We are in it to win it! 

We encourage interpreters that have received a contract extension to consider signing it and continue serving the EOIR as admirably and professionally as always. In this way we will show that we take our commitment to due process and professional interpretation in court very seriously. While our attorneys have been asked to present additional submissions under a tight deadline, we don’t know how long this process will take. We will continue to use this time to prepare for a positive result.

Keep talking to your colleagues, greet them kindly and get their contact info. We will need to get in touch with them come election time, so this is really important. Remember to stay connected, we will continue to update you and keep you posted on the latest news.


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