IGA Supports SB 1160 (Mendoza) Workers Compensation Bill

September 13, 2016

The Honorable Edmond G. Brown

RE: SB 1160 (Mendoza) Workers’ Compensation – Support

Dear Governor Brown:

On behalf of our members, IGA wishes to express our strong support for SB 1160 (Mendoza) Workers’ Compensation, a bill we urge you to sign into law.

The Interpreters Guild of America is an organization created by and for independent interpreters. We are committed to advocating for our profession and for those whom we serve. IGA lobbies to advance language access rights, equitable wages and working conditions, and endeavors to safeguard professional interpreting standards. As a unit of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), IGA counts on the support and lobbying power of a national, 650,000-plus strong union. IGA’s efforts in California have helped to pass AB2370, legislation to protect the quality of interpreting in Civil Courts and now we rally in support of SB1160 a bill that protects the quality of interpreting in the Workers Comp System.

For too long, independent interpreters in California have seen middlemen, many from out of state, game the Workers Comp System to increase their profits while sacrificing services rendered to injured workers. This bill works to insure that limited English proficient workers have the services of competent, California certified interpreters as required by law.

We urge you, Governor Brown, to sign this legislation.


René García

Co-Chair, IGA : Interpreters Guild of America


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  1. Vesna P. Loek on Reply

    Thank you, IGA, for advocating for all independent interpreters in California. I support your advocacy work 100%. Keep up the great work that you do.

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