California interpreters: Here are two ways to take action!

1.  Take the IGA’s Ongoing Workers’ Comp Survey
There’s still time to participate in the Guild’s Workers’ Comp Survey of rates and working conditions and let your voice count. It’ll only take a moment to fill out and it will communicate what the real world of interpreting in Workers’ Comp is for those of us who interpret WC depos, QME’s, and all the other assignments that make up the bulk of WC interpreting appointments. This kind of survey of rates and working conditions has never been done before on this scale. The results will inform and empower the whole interpreting community. You can also copy this link and share with fellow interpreters:

2.  Sign the Petition to Raise The Interpreter Per Diem Rate.
Those of us who contract with the California Courts have probably heard that the employees in Regions 1, 2 and 3 have negotiated raises in their upcoming contracts. However, these new raises DO NOT apply to Independent Contractors. The California Courts Per Diem rate currently stands at $157.56/$282.23 and has not seen an increase in over six years! It is up to us to request a raise to the Interpreter Per Diem Rate. IGA has reached out to the Judicial Council requesting they raise our Per Diem Rate and this request is under consideration by a committee of the JC assigned to review and make recommendations.