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The Interpreters Guild of America (IGA) lobbies to advance language access rights, demand equitable wages and working conditions, and safeguards high professional standards.

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Latest News with VRI-Video Remote Interpretation

As you may all know, Angie Birchfield from IGA has been participating in the VRI Workstream committee since 2016. The participation in this work group has been a real eye opener on how this plan could affect our profession. The main goal of VRI is to protect a defendant’s right to a speedy arraignment after

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EOIR News Bulletin: NLRB Rules SOSi EOIR Interpreters Are Employees

Officials at the National Labor Relations Board have found that immigration court interpreters should be considered employees rather than independent contractors. The determination is a major – though preliminary – win for our Guild, which has been working to help immigration interpreters fight for their job rights. Lawyers for IGA’s local, the Pacific Media Workers

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Outsourcing vs. In-House Digital Marketing: Choosing What is Best for a Small Business

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